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You can really tell a person by looking at their underwear, It wraps up what we really are, I
t's like an alternative self, a way of expressing yourself to the world.
Because simple, so free
To be unique, not attached to the appearance of the flamboyant, Stay true to your heart, refuse to play the role of perfection in the eyes of others,
Brave self-confidence, do not let the pressure wrapped in the heart, do not let the shackles around the future.

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Brand Vision

Underwear is every woman's silent backing
It's about being true to your choices
Ubras is the pioneer of the vest bra
Committed to being a more loving companion to women as they grow up
Grow together to be more self and freer

Product ideas

Real and natural underwear is comfortable and easy to wear underwear
Just like your skin, it is comfortable, comfortable and protected