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About us

Our story began in 2001 in a small studio in the middle of nowhere. With the vision of "becoming the most tender companion in the process of female growth", our brand was born. Our passion for unique design and collaboration brought our vision, and products, to life.

Ubras Based on massive human body data, we make underwear with perfect tailoring ratio.

Ubras selected more than 10,000 women of various body types as the basis of human body data to accurately measure the gold ratio of the underwear, such as the length of the shoulder strap, the width of the side, and the curvature of the armpit. It has established a patented "no trace, zero sense" appearance that can not only wrap and support the chest 360 ° like a sports underwear, but also fit the human body comfortably.

At the same time, as a brand driven by fabric design, we provide intimate clothing solutions that meet different needs.


How do we make?

Innovative fabric

  • In order to make the fabric softer and brighter in color, many fiber fabrics use silicone oil, fluorescent agent, formaldehyde and other printing and dyeing auxiliaries that can seriously harm the human body. Ubras insists on choosing healthy fabrics with zero silicone oil and no fluorescent agents, and after hundreds of polishing, it gives a wearing experience that is as thin and elastic as the skin.

Patented Water Drop Pad

  • According to the curvature data of the spherical side of the human breast, the inner side of the water drop coaster adopts a local three-dimensional thickening design, which has the effect of supporting the chest and preventing outward expansion. At the same time, the inner liner punching process is adopted, which is more breathable and not stuffy, and the breast shape is naturally beautiful

Innovative Craft

  • Introduce natural resin glue from Japan and arrange it evenly with dot bonding technology. Each dot pitch must be measured and calculated hundreds of times to achieve a firm fit of the fabric and free extension and toughness.

About Ubras
About Ubras
About Ubras

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